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Heat pumps

The NeoRé heat pumps are a quality Czech product which is supplied to the Czech market from 2007. This long tradition and our own development are a guarantee of reliability and continuous innovation which are the top priorities of our company together with a quality service. 

The NeoRé heat pumps have been installed by several thousand clients in Czech Republic and abroad. This number increases by 500-600 more every year. This progressive development and satisfaction of customers help build and promote NeoRé brand that is no longer unknown even abroad.

The NeoRé heat pumps are suitable mostly for family houses to heat loss of approximately 18 kW in which it will provide a complete building heating as well as domestic hot water heating. It is a split inverter air-to water heat pump technology which consists of the quality Czech hydromodule and Japanese TOSHIBA or FUJITSU outdoor unit. Our heat pumps are suitable for both new buildings and already built houses where we are able to reduce the temperature decay of the heating system for better functionality. The highest efficiency of the heating system will be ensured when connected to a low-temperature heating system such as underfloor or ceiling heating.

The NeoRé heat pumps are offered in several model series with 2 types of outdoor units. 

The NeoRé series represents main fully equipped product. It can be combinated with TOSHIBA outdoor unit (T) or FUJITSU outdoor unit (F). 

The NeoRé TX series has integrated 200l DHW tank compared to the NeoRé series. I can be combinated with TOSHIBA outdoor unit (T) or FUJITSU outdoor unit (F). 

The NeoRé MINI series is our NEW product and it is a basic heat pump designed for heating. I can be combinated with TOSHIBA outdoor unit (T17) or FUJITSU outdoor unit (F). 

The NeoRé EX series represents heat pumps suitable for heating of bigger industrial buildings and it can be combinated only with TOSHIBA outdoor unit (T). 

Heat pumps