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Ceiling heating

Ceiling heating is known for a very long time and it is one of the most natural heating system as well as sun heating. Today, with the advent of new technologies, it is widely used for heating and cooling of buildings.

Ceiling heating works on the radiant heat principle. In plasterboard ceiling is maintained the profile system which is all-around. A heating pipes are inserted into these profiles and are heated by 26 - 30°C heating water. The heating water heats steel profiles which radiates heat further into the neighborhood. The radiation does not primarily heat the air but all areas and objects in the room are heated. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the room and there are no different temperatures for the sub-floor and the ceiling even at the different places in the room.  

The advantage of this heating system is the option of ceiling cooling. In this case the water at the temperature of 17°C flows to the pipes. Warm air goes up, cold water absorbs heat and sends it through the heat pump in reverse mode to the outside. The room is cooled down by approx. 6°C and a pleasant environment is created without thorough airflow as with air conditioning. Another important advantage is the humidity stability of the environment which does not change during cooling.   


Thermal comfort and health benefits of ceiling heating

Ceiling heating brings a pleasant feeling - the temperature of whole system is low, about 26 - 30°C. All the surfaces around you are heated, it means that temperature of the air can stay approx. about 3°C lower than before. This can save you about 20 - 30% energy costs and you are surrounded by the natural warmth. The air circulation in the rooms is minimal - about 10 - 20%, remaining 90 - 80% is radiation. Less circulation means less dust swirling and mites, the environment is suitable for allergy sufferers.

Ceiling cooling works like ceiling heating. You do not have to cool rooms to a low temperature. It is enough to reduce the temperature only about a few degrees and a large cool ceiling area will provide the rest. The flow of energy is turning and all subjects including persons are cooled.

Ceiling heating